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golf free russThis is so simple and easy, thanks for sharing it. I love playing golf for free and even picking up cash on the side! Russell H. 61 - San Diego, CA

From: Ken Hammond
Thursday, 6:54 pm

Dear Fellow Golfer,

If you'd like to golf absolutely free every time you play... without paying for green fees or cart fees... then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

However, before I get "cranked-up" and start telling you all about my incredible new way to play free golf and even make an extra grand a week, there are a few details you need to know first:

1) This is not about gambling on the golf course. Although I know people who "hustle", you don't have to worry about making any bets on or off the course.

2) You don't have to be a scratch player. I consistently shoot in the low 90's and sometimes even higher, but I still golf free and make money. It doesn't matter if you have a good round or a bad round, you will play for free.

3) You don't have to be a celebrity or vip to golf free. I'm just a local businessman in a small town who happens to love golf.

4) You don't have to sell anything at the course. This is not about selling golf clubs, training aids, golf memberships, golf accessories, or even real estate!

There is one trait you must have though...

You Must Love Playing Golf!

Yep, if you don't have the love of the game deep inside of you, and aren't addicted to everything golf has to offer, stop reading this report immediately and look for something else to do!

Ok, let's move on.

Imagine yourself earning your living in the great outdoors on a golf course. Instead of being stuck in a stuffy office with a telephone glued to your ear, you are enjoying a relaxing 18 holes.

As you surround yourself in the beautiful scenery and soak up the sunshine and fresh air, you remember this bumper sticker:

A Bad Day On The Golf Course Beats A Good Day At The Office!

It's an amazing feeling to get up when I want. I go to bed when I want. I get to workout when most people have to leave for work. I miss all the bumper to bumper traffic and the long lines at restaurants by eating lunch later than others.

And the best part, I get to play golf at the most amazing courses all over the world!

Here's a shot of me with Annika Sorenstam a week before she won the US Open!
I guess my advice finally paid off!

Here's a shot of me in front of Royal Troon in Scotland, home of the 2004 British Open!
Too bad I couldn't break 100 that day!

Here's a shot of me in good form in Oregon, on the Bandon Dunes course!
I think I finally got a par that day.

Here's my buddy Wayne and I in Las Vegas, NV at the Badlands course!
Here's a golf tip: Don't drink and gamble the night before you play.

Let me put your mind at ease right now. This is 100% Legitimate, Legal and Ethical.

It's a simple concept you'll be proud to be involved with and you'll brag about it to your friends. (However, no one has to know what your doing, if you want to keep it a secret.)

How many times have you watched a golf tournament on TV or driven by a golf course after work and thought, "If I could only find a way to play golf and make a living at it, instead of what I'm doing now, I'd do it in a heartbeat!"

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy.

You're probably wondering, "How am I going to earn money just for playing golf when I'm not even a Golf Professional?" As I said before, this has nothing to do with how well you play.

I don't know of anyone in the world doing this today (except myself and the people I've shared this with). You'll be able to test it at no risk to you and after you follow the simple instructions...

You'll Start Playing Golf For Free And Be Making Money Each Day You Play!

Here's what you get:

How to play golf seven days a week without costing you one dime for green fees! (You'll immediately slash your golf expenses to zero!)

Discover the little known secret to play Exclusive Country Clubs without paying those outrageous membership fees!

The one thing you must never do on the golf course that guarantees you won't play for free again. (I almost made this mistake!)

Make your friends jealous by playing golf whenever you want while they are stuck at the office! (You don't have to tell them how if you don't want to!)

Find out why what you wear could make you an extra $100 on the course! (I got lucky and found this out by accident!)

You don't have to quit your job. Play as little as you want or play everyday. It's totally up to you! (You can keep your job and just always play free!)

Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what some other lucky golfers say:

golf course free chipKen, you are on my Christmas list for life. Now I get to do what I love for free and don't feel guilty anymore from spending time on the course!

Kaye Weisinfels, 28, Spanish Tutor - Richmond, VA

golf course free jerryKen really pisses me off. It took him almost a year of me begging him how he plays so much golf and is never at the office. But now I'm lucky to join him and play whenever I want for free!

Jerry Bolla, 37, Postal Worker - Riverside, CA

golf course free alanYou saved me from my crappy office job... now I play almost everyday and get paid to do what I love!

Alan Brown, 39, Medical Sales - Washington DC

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

What would this be worth to you? You're going to learn how to play free golf any time you want. Depending on the course, you can usually drop around $100 after green fees, cart fees, food, drinks at the 19th hole, and this doesn't include any money you might have "lost".

After you order my "Golf Free For Life" special report, you'll be able to play for free as many times as you want!

How many times do you normally play a year? Ten, twenty, or maybe thirty times? Even if you normally play 10 times max in a year, you'll be saving close to a $1000!

I'll tell you right upfront: I'm NOT going to lay out my system for playing free golf for free.

Truth is, you get what you pay for.

Like I said, it's not free, but it's extremely fair. The original price was $47. But you can get it right now for a special, limited time offer if you promise me one thing. Just make sure to send me a quick email telling me about your free golf and tell a few golf buddies about our site! That's it!

Can you guess what it will cost you to get this incredible report that can let you play free golf and make some extra money every week?

Only 7 bucks!

That's right: $7.

If you're thinking, "What's the catch?", it's simple. There's is none.

You do have to agree that there are NO REFUNDS. Why? Because once you know the secrets, you'll have the knowledge for life. Again, the reason why I'm only offering it for only $7 bucks is to week out the tire kickers and only show the serious people. I simply want to share this with as many like minded golfers as I can who want to make more money and play more golf!

All right, let's move on.

Here's a sneak peek of our members credo by the way...

The Golf Partners In Profit Credo:

1. We have the time freedom to take off and go play golf whenever, wherever, and with whoever we want.

2. We have automated income streams providing plenty of monthly income coming in month after month whether we "work" or not.

3. We have members of our club who are fun, positive, & supportive and we consider them great friends.

4. We believe life and business should be fun, easy, and OBSCENELY PROFITABLE.

5. We will openly share our club with like minded people by an invitation only basis.

After you become a member, you'll get immediate access to our members site and can download the "Golf Free For Life" report. You can start playing free golf in as little as 24-48 hours!

I know from the success of this program that anyone can put this system into action and make a great deal of money just for playing golf.


To get access to the "Golf Free For Life" report just sign in below:

You will be downloading and reading the ebook within just a few minutes... and using it to learn to play free golf as fast as tomorrow!

To free golf,

Ken Hammond, Free Golf Player

P.S. Seriously, I don't know how much longer I'll offer this without eliminating the tire-kickers... if I feel this is attracting the wrong type of people in our club, I'll kick them out and start charging $47 again!

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