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Congratulations! You have just started on an adventure to play free golf and earn a living in a way that will make all your friends jealous!

Most people go through life hating the work they do and earning a living becomes a tedious job. People who go to work and have fun at their jobs lead a much happier and productive life. With this information, you have just given yourself the opportunity to do what you love for pay! Play free golf!

There are two simple and easy ways to get started playing free golf below!

1) How To Become A Professional Golf "Escort"!

This way to play free golf is nothing out of the ordinary. I'll show you how you can take something business executives do everyday and turn it into a fun and profitable business. I personally only know of a few smart people who are quietly earning a great income and enjoying all the free golf they want.

As you know, golf is the fastest growing participation sport in the world today. Over 40% of all the money spent on sports in the U.S. is spent on golf. Because of this explosive interest, businesses realize the need to use golf as a sales tool.

Right now, businesses have a huge demand of entertaining their golfing clients on the golf course. Today's busy executives either don't play golf themselves or don't have the time that is required to entertain their golfing customers on the course like they should.

They are desperately searching for someone like you and me to provide this totally unique service for them. This would free their time to conduct other important business instead of spending 4-6 hours on a golf course. That's where you come in... and the market is HUGE!

In the following steps you'll have everything you need to know to earn an excellent income simply for playing golf. You'll probably make a few slight variations of the steps to fit your personality. Just make sure to follow the basic principals, they are tried and true.

As you know, you'll be shown exactly how to play golf seven days a week without costing you one dime of your own money and earning up to $150 or more each and every day you play using this method.

This all came about quite by accident and I'm really glad it did. After a conversation I had with a business associate, he said "I need to take some golf lessons because I have so many clients that play. I feel I could get some bigger orders and increase my sales if I "bond" with them on the golf course."

That is when a light bulb went off in my head. Here's an opportunity for me to have fun and make some extra money doing what I love. Since he didn't play golf (and it would take him quite some time to learn), I could take his golfing clients out on the course for him, show them a nice time and get paid for it.

After talking to more people and doing some research, I came up with three different situations for busy executives that could use what I had to offer:

1. Many executives that don't play golf have clients that love to play. Many will realize the need and benefit of entertaining these clients on the golf course. Since they don't play, you are their next best alternative!

2. Then there are the executives who enjoy playing, but because of the time commitment of 5-6 hours required to play, he doesn't have the time to entertain his clients on the course. He understands he should make the time for his clients but having enough free time is the problem. You might not get to do all his entertaining for him, but I assure you there will be plenty of times he will need to use you!

3. And last, we have the executive that plays and has the time, but is a horrible golfer. Often, they want to save the embarrassment of playing with their clients. Rather than be intimidated by this situation they would rather have someone play golf for them.

Have you noticed how many service oriented businesses have sprung up over the last few years? People and businesses are always willing to pay you to play golf with their clients mainly because they can't do it themselves for one reason or another.

Believe me, it works. It's a great way to earn a living or earn extra money part time.

All right, let's continue!

Here's what you need to do first.

Get a list of all the golf courses in your area, both public and private. Pick four of five quality courses where you want to do your entertaining (you only need one or two to get started though). It's important to actually visit these courses (if you're not familiar with them), to be sure it's a quality course.

While the appearance of the club house is not all important, the quality of the course is! It needs be well maintained and beautiful.

Next, you should know the price of green fees and cart at all the courses you plan to entertain. I would simply just print out your list of courses along with phone number for tee times, address and directions, and price.

Step 3: Playing at Private Clubs!

The approach to getting permission to play at Private Clubs is quite simple. After deciding which courses you wish to entertain on, contact the Head Professional or General Manager. The final decision maker is going to vary from one course to another.

Begin by explaining that you have set up a service of entertaining top corporate executives at various golf courses throughout the area. Be sure to emphasize that these are generally going to be wealthy, influential people. The type that may have an interest in becoming a member at their club.

Your next step is to emphasize the benefits to the club for allowing you to play and entertain there. Here they are:

1. You will help them increase their revenue by bringing golfers to their course that would not normally play there. Most of your play will be during off peak hours, usually late mornings or early afternoons. You will be filling time slots that would otherwise go unused.

2. You will increase the revenue in their club house and pro shop. In most cases, players will need to purchase gloves and balls in addition to food and beverages. Be sure to stress that most players will end up in the club house after the round for a couple of drinks.

3. Usually, the golf courses that are private and allow you to use their facility do so because they don't have a full membership. Remind them the type of individuals you will be entertaining are those who can afford such a club. This will be an easy way to have ideal prospects experience their club without any work.

4. If the golf course has a housing development surrounding the course, which most do, stress that they may also sell a home due to your introduction.

There may be other benefits to the golf course you may want to use depending on the circumstance. Feel free to do add more if you wish, however these are the main benefits that have worked well for me.

All right, once you have one or two private courses lined up you are ready for your next step!

Step 4: Targeting Your Market!

Below is a list of potential different markets for you to go after. This is not a complete list of course, you may discover more new markets depending on where you live. The first goal is to find businesses that sell high ticket items or have repeat customers.

Examples of these types of industries are:

Attorneys / Lawyers

Real Estate

Luxury Cars

Advertising Agencies

Accounting Firms

Beverage Distributors

Manufacturers Reps




Trucking / Transportation



Waste Management


Hi Tech / Internet

These are just a few of the potential clients that can use your service. If you look through the front of the yellow pages of the phone book or search online, you'll find a huge list of potential clients.

Let's continue!

Step 5: Marketing Your Service!

This is definitely the most important step to make your new venture successful. If you spend a little time in the beginning and apply the steps, you will have a constant flow of clients - and lots of free golf!

Here are the basic ways of marketing for you:

1. Advertising

Advertising is the most effective and sometimes the most expensive way to market your service to a large audience. If you decide to advertise, which I highly recommend, you must select a medium of advertising that will hit your target market.

Business journals, trade magazines, the business section and sports section of your local newspaper are the most effective for hitting your local business markets. Since these have large circulation's, they are obviously the most expensive, but can get you a ton of new clients very quickly.

Local golf publications or community papers reach a much smaller audience but are often very inexpensive to test. These can effective but are sometimes hit or miss.

2. Reaching Out Of Town Executives

This is one of your most lucrative markets. Many out of town executives travel three to five days a week. They have clients in many different locations and often cannot find time to entertain their clients properly. This is due to their exhaustive travel schedules.

Once they discover they can have their local clients entertained while they conduct business in other locations, you will receive repeat business again and again!

Traveling executives are often bored during overnight stays and tend to read magazines left in hotel rooms from cover to cover. These include dining guides, points of interest, local attraction guides, etc. These are an excellent means of advertising and will produce quality results. Your ideal target here is upscale hotels and the publications they provide for their guests.

3. Writing Your Ad

This depends on your preference depending on the size of your ads and the publications. Here are some sample ads to give you ideas:

Are Your Clients Playing Golf With Your Competition?
Keep your clients loyal and entertained on the golf course without you being there! Call now for free info 888-888-8888!

Are Your Clients Cheating On You?
They are your clients! If you don't entertain them, your competition will. Let us show you how to keep them loyal by entertaining them on the golf course! Call now for free info 888-888-8888

4. Cold Calling

This is obviously the least expensive way to get new clients. However, it is also the most time consuming and sometimes frustrating way to begin. But, if it fits your personality and you have the skills, I say go for it!

All right, let's move on to actually getting your first client!

Step 6: Get Ready For Free Golf!

Your next step is printing up some business cards for yourself. There are many places online you can do this or you can pick some up locally. I recommend VistaPrint.com where you can get 250 business cards for free.

When you start receiving phone calls from your ads or meeting potential clients face to face, the presentation is essentially the same. You want to ask the right questions to see if your services would be valuable to them. Here is a basic outline for you to follow (feel free to change to fit your personality):

Prospect: "I'm calling about more information about your golf entertainment business"

You: "Great, before we continue I just need to ask you some quick questions to see if you and your business would be a good mach for both of us, is that OK?

Prospect: "Sure."

You: "Mr. Customer, our company introduces our golf entertainment service to busy executives like yourself. As you may know, golf is now the largest participation sport in the country today. Also, golf is one of the most popular ways to entertain business clients as well.

What we've discovered is that many businesses are not capitalizing on the client relations opportunity for one of several reasons:

1. They are extremely busy individuals and don't have the spare 5 or 6 hours necessary to entertain their clients as they would like at the course.

2. They have never played golf and never intend to play, but they have clients that do play. It would be a huge benefit to them if they could entertain these clients with a round of golf.

3. They do play, but very poorly. They are apprehensive and a little intimidated to take a client out because of their golfing ability.

Mr. Customer, which of these reasons best describe your situation?

No matter which response he says, make sure to focus your attention on his answer and follow up with this:

For example, if the customer response was #2, you would say, "Mr. Customer, our company has found there are many businessman such as yourself that know they should entertain their clients on the golf course, but don't because they don't want to play the game themselves. What we will do for you is take these clients that you know should be entertained and we will do it for you. We will play eighteen holes of golf with your clients at any of the top 3 courses in (your city). These are the nicest courses in town and your client will be very impressed. We can entertain up to three clients at a time for eighteen holes. They will receive the royal treatment of courtesy and respect from us. And most of all we see that your clients have a blast on the course. At the end of the round you are free to join your clients for cocktails and any unfinished business that needs to be discussed."

"Mr. Customer, how many of your clients can you think of who could be entertained to help solidify your business with them?"

If they come back with a positive number, say "Great, when would you like us to start?"

Or they might come back with "Well, that depends. How much do you charge?" And it's completely up to you how much you charge. See the next step "How You Get Paid" for suggestions. Give them your fee schedule and ask if there is a particular golf course they would like you to entertain their clients on. Try to get them to commit right then without being to pushy. If they are still hesitant, you can still follow up later with another phone call or postcard.

Otherwise, you just set up your first paid golf outing! Congratulations!

Step 7: How You Get Paid!

This area is completely up to your discretion depending on what you want to get out of it. I charge $150.00 per 18 holes golf plus all expenses. Expenses include green fees for all players including myself, any balls, gloves, tees or equipment the customer wants to buy or rent for their clients. You should obviously have all your own equipment and accessories.

Also, any meals, drinks, cocktails or any other items your customer wants you to provide for his clients are all considered expenses. When discussing payment with my customer, I figure the approximate expenses and ask for that up front along with one half of my fee. The balance would be paid following the round of golf. Here's a tip for you, always get your expense money up front, that way you never really lose if they don't pay.

Step 8: Helpful Tips!

It's important that you treat clients you are entertaining exceptionally well. Even if they are the biggest jerks in the world. Your job is to provide a positive experience for them and associate that with your customer.

Make sure you know all the rules and etiquette of golf and be helpful in finding lost balls. Finding a lost ball always guarantees your playing partners will like you! I can't stress enough that you need to act properly on the course.

How you dress is very important as well. Dress in proper golf attire and I suggest that you don't wear shorts. If you get some insight on who you will be playing with beforehand you can gain some instant rapport with them. I like to ask my customer which sports their clients follow and who their favorite teams are. I then go through my closet to see if I have shirts or pullovers with their favorite teams logo on it. This has guaranteed me more repeat business because I hit it off with him from the start.

It is very important to be a very likable and professional person while playing golf with clients. Make sure they are having a good time playing with you. You will find many different personality types on the course. Some will want to laugh and joke while others will be serious and let their tempers flair. You're sometimes a sports psychologist in catering to their needs. And remember this: Never, never be cocky on the course, people hate cocky players.

This is now your opportunity to have fun by playing free golf and earn money while playing. I've laid out exactly how this is done and how you can do the same thing. The only thing that can stop you is YOU!

Now go out there and play some golf!

Special! How To Make Money While Others Are Playing Free Golf!

I don't care how much of a hard-core golfer you are, there are going to be times when you just can't play and need to take a break. And once you have established your business, you'll find you may need other players to help you entertain your clients.

There will be times when customers are going to want you to entertain on the same day. Rather than turn down the business and potentially lose any future business, you should have two or three golfers you can call to do the entertaining for you. Be sure you are 100% confident in them to represent you and your business. The last thing you want is someone to ruin your reputation.

Other than free golf, if you want to pay them, I suggest to give them no more than half of your fee paid by your client. You obviously deserve the other half since you secured the client in the first place.

This will give you the luxury of not having to play everyday if you don't want to and still get paid. Your wife or girlfriend will definitely appreciate that I bet!

2) Become A Mystery Golfer!

You are about to be let in on a little known secret to playing all the free golf you want. As a Mystery Golfer you will have many benefits beyond playing golf - you can also get paid for your time, receive free merchandise, enjoy dinner at high class restaurants, stay at hotels on golf courses… you'll love it!

Ken, What is a MYSTERY GOLFER anyway?

A Mystery Golfer, first and foremost, is one who LOVES golf, has experience playing golf and basic knowledge of the sport. A Mystery Golfer's purpose is to visit a golf course or club in order to evaluate the staff, pro shop, facilities and their overall golf experience.

When the Mystery Golfer leaves, they fill out a report form that is customized for each golf course.

As a Mystery Golfer you will have many benefits - you can get paid for your time, receive free merchandise, enjoy dinner at restaurants on the course, stay at the course hotels, etc. You can play golf and have fun while you “work”!

Why would a golf course pay me to play there?

Mystery golfing is a way for golf courses to obtain valuable information to measure the level of guest's overall experience and satisfaction. The information that you provide to them is essential in reviewing employee performance and evaluating bonuses. Key decisions are made based on the feedback you will provide and your input will help improve employee training programs and the overall level of customer satisfaction.

Mystery golfing is done without the knowledge of the staff where you will play golf. Anonymity is very important and usually the course doesn't know exactly when they will be evaluated. It makes sense that most employees would act differently and would treat customers differently if they know they are being "mystery shopped". Your goal is not to catch an employee doing something wrong, but rather to provide an objective, third party perspective on your experience.

Many golf courses are owned by large corporations that own golf courses all over the world. The information that mystery golfers obtain and provide to them is invaluable to improve quality and enhance customer satisfaction. Some golf courses will even hint to employees to give them a heads up that mystery golfers will be coming to play. The mystery is that they will not know who or when the player will come to golf. This usually works well for motivating the employees to consistently provide exceptional service. As a mystery golfer, you serve as the eyes and ears of the golf courses in your community and provide them information that they could not get elsewhere!

Do I Qualify as a Mystery Golfer?

As stated before, Mystery Golfers need to have experience playing golf and conduct themselves in a professional manner. A good mystery golfer will see this opportunity as a way to improve service levels rather than as a profitable job. In exchange for free golf, a mystery golfer knows that they play a key role in improving a golf course's level of service.

To consistently play free golf as a mystery golfer, the following qualities are very important:









Mystery Golfers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to be fair and honest in their evaluations. The most free golf is given to golfers who have proven themselves dependable. A good mystery golfer knows the importance of following direction and will follow each golf course's criteria perfectly.

Golf courses want golfers who arrive on time and pay attention to detail. Typically Mystery Golfers will be given specific questions to ask as well as certain tasks to complete. After playing, it is crucial to complete a basic questionnaire and an evaluation form. This is where you want to be as detailed as possible in providing your objective feedback and observations. Furthermore it is not advisable to spread your bad experiences to all your friends and family. The course is expecting your experience to be shared only with them in an effort to improve their customer's satisfaction.


Getting on the Mystery Golfing Companies List

There are many companies you can contact that place Mystery Golfers. It makes sense to sign up with as many companies as you want. This will give you more options to choose and pick when and where you will play. Below is a great list of companies who are looking for someone like you. These listings have online applications you can fill out and get your information in quickly.

Getting an assignment

When there is an assignment available in your area, a coordinator will attempt to contact you with the details. An e-mail will usually be sent to you with the information, such as where, how much you get paid, what exactly they are looking for, and the deadline for the assignment. You are not forced to take any one assignment. You always have the option to accept or decline.

You want to accept the assignment!

Very often, assignments are served on a first come, first served basis so make sure you respond immediately if you are interested. Follow the instructions exactly described by the coordinator.

If it is a match for the coordinator and you, you will receive the exact details and any forms you will need to complete the assignment to provide your information.

Make sure to review your assignment

Once you receive your assignment, go ahead and go over all the details and print out any information that was sent to you. If you are unsure of anything, make sure to contact the coordinator to clarify any details.

Completing Your Assignment

Just remember - Details, Details, Details!

Companies will ask for specific information so attention to details is critical. You'll have to use your memory for a few details, otherwise if you need to take notes, be very discreet so no one will question your actions.

The best way is to keep a notepad in your car when you are finished. The time after you play is the most productive time in recalling all the details and information you were asked to obtain.

Filing Your Report

Once you have completed your assignment, you must file your report. You will have been given a deadline. Usually you have to have your report filed within 24 to 48 hours. Be punctual! This could determine whether you will get any future assignments with this company. Most likely you will be able to file your report online or fax it in. Simply follow the coordinator instructions to fill in your report and file it within 24 hours. Fill in every question, add good narrative where asked for, and double check your spelling and grammar. File a quality report in a timely fashion will insure that you are considered for future assignments. It is very important that you be as accurate as possible, giving only the facts requested. If your assignment was to evaluate the quality of the course, don’t make comments about the staff either good or bad. Don’t interject personal thoughts of your experience unless asked.

Review of Your Report

After your report has been filed, the coordinator will review the report for accuracy, missing information, grammar, clarity and compliance with the assignment instructions. You will be contacted if more information is needed. It is critical that you supply additional information very quickly so that your report is approved for payment.

Keeping your paperwork

Even if you have been compensated for your assignment, it is always a good idea to keep your paperwork for at least 3-6 months. This will help in case any issues regarding your feedback or compensation are brought up. Better to be organized than not!

Getting Paid!

File your reports and receipts promptly to ensure you receive payment as promised by the company. Always double check to make sure each company has your current contact information and mailing address so you can receive your checks as soon as possible.


Bare Associates International (BAI)

Type of Shop: golf courses as well as restaurants, bars, health clubs and hotels.

Area: Nationwide.


Mercantile Systems

Type of Shop: golf courses as well as dining, entertainment, hotels/motels.

Area: USA and UK.


Service Impressions

Type of Shop: golf courses as well as restaurant, bar, hotel, health club, airport, store, apartment or housing complex.


National Shopping Service (NSS)

Type of Shop: golf courses as well as nightclubs, auto repair shops, apartment leasing, horse racing facilities, restaurants, and more.

Area: USA and Europe.

Company website - www.nssmysteryshoppers.com

Tips To Keep Playing Free Golf And Getting More Assignments!

Be Enthusiastic! Let them know you are extremely enthusiastic about helping them complete mystery golf assignments.

Fill out all information asked on the applications. You never know what may qualify you for an assignment. You could be accepted because of the car you drive or even your age. If you do not provide all your details, they may pass over you for assignments you might be qualified to do.

Keep your application up to date with all your current contact information!

Follow through with your assignment and commitment. You obviously won't be asked to do another assignment if information is incomplete or turned in late. There are plenty of other golfers out there who would love to play for free and would take the extra time to be professional and treat this seriously. Keep the companies happy with your reports and you'll get plenty of free golf!

Before going to the course, make sure you are familiar with the instructions and all the forms that will need to be filled out. This will help you focus on the exact things you are evaluating and looking out for. You are getting free golf in exchange for your information so it is very important to be thorough and very detailed. The more details means the more information the golf course will get in increasing their customer satisfaction.

Maintain Anonymity. Don't let on that you are performing an evaluation. Any notes you have to take should be in private and hidden from anyone. It is vital that no one knows you are the mystery golfer.

Be honest! Remember this - Just the Facts, Ma'am!

You are reporting your honest observations, not your opinions. There is a difference. Just report what you are looking for and leave out any personal comments about your experience and what you think. The company will take your objective comments and develop their own opinions to make their course better.

Turn in your paperwork ASAP! Promptness is very important not only for your memory of events, but also for keeping the companies happy. They look for mystery golfers to be prompt and fast with regards to information. Remember, the faster you turn in your info, the faster you get paid!

Have fun with it! The purpose is for you to always play golf for free, remember that. This is not rocket science. You are simply playing golf as you would normally and simply reporting your experience with some minor details.

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